The Recovering Investment Banker

The Authenticity Gap (feat. Kimberly Spencer)

Episode Summary

Chris and Eric talk to Kimberly Spencer, a professional life coach with an amazing talent for understanding human psychology. Her perspective hits home when talking about very high-performing people playing high-stakes games, and the consequences of being unaligned with your own values.

Episode Notes

00:23 - Our guest, Kimberly Spencer, is joining us from Australia

01:48 - Kimberly's background

07:13 - Chris gives an example of investment bankers taking advantage of companies and treasuries, and yet everyone (including the companies) were rewarded for it.

14:08 - Kimberly elaborates on her concept of "different levels, same devils".

17:34 - Money doesn't usually change you. Money is an amplifier of who you are.

17:46 - What is Kimberly's advice for bridging the authenticity gap? First, know your values. Second, own your results.

22:36 - The etymology of the word "decide". It's to cut down and kill other possibilites.

25:45 - Feelings only last about 90 seconds, and emotions stack up like jenga blocks.

27:46 - Summary: Follow Kimberly Spencer @crownyourself 

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